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Moving Markets

By JR Gondeck

Moving Markets is your solution for keeping up with the ever-changing financial markets. Navigating the economic landscape by interpreting news and market trends can be daunting. JR Gondeck, Partner and Managing Director of The Lerner Group at Hightower Advisors, will be tackling these issues and many more. Their team was founded by academic Eugene Lerner who brought decades of knowledge to their practice. Built on an educational foundation, the teams core value is the continued education of their clients.

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The Wealth3 Approach

By the Lerner Group

Your Family’s Guide To Wealth, Values & Legacy

What is The Wealth3 Approach?

We like to think of wealth planning in an unconventional way. We believe that your family values are the foundation your wealth is built on. 

Our wealth approach utilizes strategies that foster communication and inclusive family education to encourage intentional decision-making. This blog aims to guide your family to ensure that your values, investments, and estate work in harmony. The ultimate goal is to help you build a legacy wealthier than money!

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The Sharpe Investor

By Megan Kowalski

Hello and welcome to The Sharpe Investor! Here we will dive into different economic and financial topics to find out what they really mean and more importantly, what they mean for you. Investing can be an intimidating feat. When I first started, I was surprised by the amount of information out there; it felt daunting. For every question answered, I found myself left with 10 more. For that reason, many choose not to start at all. My goal is to remove that barrier and help investing feel more approachable through building an understanding over time.

If you have any topics you would like covered or further questions, please email your requests to

Let the learning begin!

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Money Talks

By Angela Grannan

Let’s talk about money!

Let’s face it, money is not always a topic many women feel comfortable discussing. Money Talks aims to help you feel confident when making financial decisions for yourself and your family.

If you want to feel empowered when making financial decisions for yourself and your family, you’ve come to the right place. Wealth Advisor Angela Grannan will give you the tools and guide you through the different stages of your financial life. As women, we wear a lot of hats as daughters, friends, wives, mothers, employers, employees, and caregivers. Every phase of our lives will require us to make critical financial decisions. From career decisions to prenuptial agreements, these life events all require financial considerations. Many of us don’t feel confidentabout money and investing.With the proper knowledge and understanding, you’ll feel ready to start your journey and take ownership of your financial decisions.

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Blueprint 4 Growth

By Bill Kica

Blueprint 4 Growth features “timely & timeless” ideas and best practices of high-performance growth firms focused on building the “practice of the future.” 

One of the central organizing principles is to ensure “Best Fit” when considering growth through creating strategic alliances or mergers/acquisitions. In today’s over-heated merger and acquisition marketplace few buyers and sellers look beyond the numbers to ensure the right foundational principles are put in place.

By focusing first on the key drivers of “Best Fit” such as culture, talent development and scale; the growth horizon of the practice benefits dramatically.

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