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Money Talks

By Angela Grannan

Let’s talk about money!

Let’s face it, money is not always a topic many women feel comfortable discussing. Money Talks aims to help you feel confident when making financial decisions for yourself and your family.

If you want to feel empowered when making financial decisions for yourself and your family, you’ve come to the right place. Wealth Advisor Angela Grannan will give you the tools and guide you through the different stages of your financial life. As women, we wear a lot of hats as daughters, friends, wives, mothers, employers, employees, and caregivers. Every phase of our lives will require us to make critical financial decisions. From career decisions to prenuptial agreements, these life events all require financial considerations. Many of us don’t feel confident about money and investing.With the proper knowledge and understanding, you’ll feel ready to start your journey and take ownership of your financial decisions.


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