About Us

Our consistent, sophisticated approach to wealth management and financial advice is the byproduct of decades of industry experience developed by our founder, Dr. Eugene Lerner. As portfolio managers, we act as thoughtful stewards of your wealth, capitalizing on opportunities in the market while minimizing risk.

We serve a wide range of clients including high net worth individuals, foundations, profit sharing plans, and pension plans with a profound understanding of the financial and economic landscape. We focus on your individual goals, guiding you towards prudent, long-term investment strategies to help preserve and enhance your wealth.

Our Services

Wealth Management Img

Wealth Management

We design tailored financial plans and align your investment portfolios to reflect your family's vision and values.

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Estate Coordination

We provide strategic solutions that integrate the complexities of wealth transfer optimization.

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Lerner Group Home Legacy Planning

Legacy Planning

We help families cultivate their vision and thoughtfully communicate their values to bestow a lasting legacy.

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