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At The Lerner Group, we recognize that the services one family or business owner may need might not work for all. For individuals and families, we match your service needs through various life stages by offering four levels of support, each with the same promise of ongoing communications and coordinated planning. We work to help ensure business owners align their personal financial goals to coordinate with their business objectives.

Our financial planning relationships grow as client needs become more complex, and together we help families work toward building a legacy wealthier than money.

What We Do

Wealth Management

We design tailored financial plans and align your investment portfolios to reflect your family’s vision and values.

Estate Coordination

We provide strategic solutions that integrate the complexities of wealth transfer optimization.

Legacy Planning

We help families cultivate their vision and thoughtfully communicate their values to bestow a lasting legacy.

Who We Serve

lerner group financial planning for retirees elderly couple


Retired individual or couple who wants to ensure wealth is passed on to their family and charitable causes in a way that complements their lifelong values.

The Lerner Group helps Protectors by:

  • Hosting family meetings to assist in preparing heirs

  • Developing personalized wealth transfer and gifting strategies

  • Structuring trusts to care for heirs’ individual needs

lerner group financial services for familes


An individual or family with high incomes, little outstanding debt beyond a home and a small but growing nest egg.

The Lerner Group helps Accelerators by:

  • Seeking alternative investment strategies

  • Planning for education expenses and benefits

  • Outlining a plan for retirement goals and a strategy to help get there

Lerner Financial Services for Builders business person


Young professional focused on balancing their career and lifestyle needs. Accumulating and creating generational wealth.

The Lerner Group helps Builders by:

  • Curating and investing in a diversified portfolio

  • Developing a budget to fit your lifestyle

  • Building up financial literacy exposure to help you grow into your wealth more confidently

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Are you a business owner?

Whether an owner is launching their first firm or their business has grown to the point of exit planning, business owners operate differently than the average investor. The Lerner Group helps business owners at every stage to help achieve their personal financial goals in unison with their business objectives.

The Lerner Group helps business owners by:

Creating executive compensation strategies

Providing investment banking services

Pre-liquidity planning

Managing retirement
plan assets

Guiding charitable organizations and endowments

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