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Advisor Hall of Fame

For 24 years, the Research Magazine Advisor Hall of Fame has honored excellence in our industry. In 2014 Dr. Eugene Lerner has earned this prestigious recognition.

Only five honorees make the list each year. To be considered for the award, candidates must have a minimum of 20 years in the industry and garner positive recognition from peers, as well as demonstrate excellent client service abilities and a strong book of business. To read the full article please click the link below.

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Published Works by Our Founder

Books Published

Economic Value of the American Merchant Marine (co-author), Northwestern University Press, 1963.

Reading in Financial Analysis and Investment Management (editor), Richard D. Irwin, 1963

A Theory of Financial Analysis (co-author), Harcourt, Brace and World, 1966. (Japanese edition, 1972).

A Framework for Financial Reporting by Diversified Companies, (co-author, A. Rappaport), National Association of Accountants,1969.

Managerial Finance:  A Systems Approach, Harcourt, Brace and Jovanovich, 1971.

Segment Reporting for Managers and Investors, (co-author, A. Rappaport), National Association of Accountants, 1972.

A Trust Investment Strategy for the Eighties, (co-author, William Breen), Bank Administration Institution, 1982.

Increasing Your Wealth in Good Times and Bad, (co-author, Richard Koff), Probus Publishing Company, 1985.

Articles Reprinted in the Following Books:

Studies in the Quantity Theory of Money, edited by Milton Friedman University of Chicago Press, 1957.

Financial Management Classics, edited by Carroll D. Aby, Jr., and Donald E. Vaughn, Goodyear Publishing Company, 1979.

Readings on the Management of Working Capital, 2nd editor, edited by Keith V. Smith, West Publishing Company, 1980.

Earnings Regulation Under Inflation , edited by J. Rhoads Foster and Steven R. Holmberg, Publication by the Institute for Study of Regulation, 1982.

The Handbook of Municipal Bonds, edited by John DeJung, Bow-Jones-Irwin, Inc. Publishing Company, 1983.

The C.F.A. Digest, edited by Edmund A. Mennis, The Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts, Winter 1984.

Articles Prepared for Books

“Capital Budgeting and Financial Management,” Financial Research and Its Implications for Management, edited by Alex Robichek, Wiley, 1967.

“Information Requirements for Regulatory Decisions,” (co-authors, J.S. Moag) Current Problems in Public Utility Regulations, edited by Harry Trebing, Michigan State University, 1968.

“Managerial Banking in the 1970’s” Managerial and Regulatory Problems in Banking, Northwestern University Press, 1971.

Discussant, Policies of More Competitive Financial System, Federal Bank of Boston, June 1972.

“Some Economic Reflection on Bouble Leverage,” Regulatory Information Systems Conference, October 1973.

“Definition de la function financiere: une approche par le modele de systeme” (with Joseph S. Moag, and Willard T. Carleton), in Theorie et Gestion Financieres, by Marc Bertoneche and J. Teulie, 1967

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